I’m Aron and I rescue Bali street animals, while promoting veganism and kindness to all animals.

My aim with Sun and Sage is to help connect our natural compassion for animals.

By rescuing Bali’s street animals, I hope to convince others that we can live a life without causing harm to any animals at all.

I hope my efforts help you to consider veganism as a great way to minmise the suffering to all animals.

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My Year Rescuing Animals in Bali

If you’d like to support my animals rescue effort, you can give straigh to my vet account at Sunset Vet

Sunset Vet Account
This goes directly to the vet under my account. Please remember to leave a comment saying ‘Sun and Sage’ so they know it’s for my account.

My simple mission is to connect people’s love for dogs and cats to all animals by showing that no matter what species, no animal deserves to suffer at the hands of humans.

Why Animal Rescue?

Bali isn’t the greatest place in the world for animals. Often, they are left on the street and suffer needlessly. Sun and Sage started with a personal effort to rescue these animals. They don’t derserve to suffer and I’ll do all that I can to help them.

Why Veganism?

Pigs, dogs, cows, cats, chickens and more all have the capacities to feel happiness, pain, joy and sadness. Yet some we call food, others we call our best friends. We can choose a kinder way of life where animals do not need to suffer for us – by choosing vegan.

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Vegan Clothing Shop (UK only)

I’m pleased to be back running my clothing store again. Sadly, after Brexit and rising shipping costs, the store is only available to customers in the UK. However, if you want to purchase from outside of the UK, please get in touch.